How much can software help a startup business flourish? For the most part, innovative software can ease the daily tasks required to run a startup business. Because startup businesses often have very few employees, the right software can take on a few extra tasks that would otherwise be accomplished by an extra employee.

However, picking out the right software can be challenging. A startup business needs to know what tasks they want to prioritize. Alongside that, they need software they can trust – one that will ease the flow of business for the lowest possible cost.

For many startup businesses, emails are the core of business processes. It’s through emails that these businesses correspond with suppliers, potential clients, and customers. Most startup businesses also rely on email marketing to give their products the visibility they need.

To make email marketing and correspondences more effective, startup businesses should give Litmus a try.

What Is Litmus?

Litmus is a program that allows businesses to build, edit, and instantly preview emails. Since there are numerous popular email platforms, Litmus ensures that every email looks precisely the way it should across all platforms.

Often, potential customers get turned off when they receive an email with broken links and images. On top of that, businesses can’t track the effectivity of their emails when they don’t have the right tracking links. There may also sometimes be issues that prevent emails from reaching a customer’s inbox. This is a common problem among small businesses whose email campaigns immediately get sent to the spam folder.

Litmus takes care of all of that with its simple, foolproof interface and low cost.

How Much Is Litmus?

Litmus has three packages to suit every type of business.

The Basic Litmus Package ($99/month) is for small businesses that only want the most basic functions. This package includes email previews for one user.

The Litmus Plus Package ($199/month) is for businesses that want more in-depth functions. This package grants access to up to 5 users. Included in the package are email previews, code editor integrations (for Dreamweaver, Sublime Text, Atom, Coda, and Brackets), ESP integration for Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor,spam testing and email analytics.

Businesses with very specific needs can also customize their Litmus experience. Each business is different, so they can select the services they need.

Litmus also offers a 7-day free trial for those who would like to try out the software. This allows small businesses to decide whether or not Litmus gives them the services they need.