The problem with startups, as with other companies, can be summarized in one word: funding. Lots of startup companies have unique and innovative ideas. These ideas canonly come to fruition if only they have enough money to create their product.

Some startup companies resort to loaning money to help kick start their business. Other startups prefer to invite investors who believe in their product. These means of getting funding are great, but some altruistic businesses are more than willing to lend a helping hand – and not just financially!

Some big, established companies come to the rescue of tiny startup companies who need a boost. Which companies are there to help out? Below is a list of multimillion-dollar companies that are helping startups get a leg up in the game.

Hitachi Foundation

Through their Yoshima Young Entrepreneurs Program, Hitachi helps young entrepreneurs come up with new ways to alleviate poverty. They’re committed to ensuring that the youth and vitality of these entrepreneurs remain intact as they become future players in the field of business.


Twitter gives startup companies a boost by helping them attain better online visibility. The company gives out free software that will help new companies quickly build a website. This software instantly makes a startup company’s site more presentable, which can then help them gain more support and investors.


As a crowdfunding website, Indiegogo knows what it’s like to have a brilliant idea while still struggling with funding. This empathy led them to create a new open policy that helps startups reach a wider audience through their platform. This helps innovators raise money through pre-orders while also helping them advertise their new products.

Tory Burch Foundation

Tory Burch has always been into empowering women through fashion. Her brand also empowers women by helping female entrepreneurs get in touch with the advisors and resources they need. These advisors are crucial for entrepreneurs who need all the guidance they can get in today’s competitive business environment.

American Airlines

Say whatever you want about their long queues, but this airline can be the key to casting a wider net for startups. American Airlines helps startups by giving them discounted rates on business flights. These cheaper flights help small companies meet with advisors, investors, and suppliers who can make small businesses flourish.

The competition may be fierce in the business world. However, when these companies are involved, they give small startups a serious advantage in the game!